We are the change we wish to see in the world...​

       Village of Hope transforms a decommissioned school property and its surrounding 23-acre pastural setting into a model community designed in partnership with its residents to be open to Pennsylvanians of all incomes and inclusive of older adults living with dementia and other cognitive changes. The Village will be a purposeful living community where neighbors help neighbors who are living with cognitive change. The co-living model, where people with special needs live together with the general public of all ages and capabilities, is an apt model for today and like all great societies of the past, maintains a balanced resiliency, humanity of diversity able to change with the times.


        Village of Hope envisions a community where all members, particularly people experiencing dementia, thrive by connecting to the beauty and creativity within themselves, within other people, and from being in nature. To achieve this vision at Village of Hope, we tap cutting-edge technologies, world-class design, and deep respect for the local community and creative engagement. Village of Hope will serve not only its residents but also the greater community now and long into the future. The site of the former elementary school will be transformed into a Village Hall to provide much-needed community resources such as a health clinic, grocery store, cafe/restaurant, and community arts and theatre spaces.


       At Village of Hope, all community members will benefit from the opportunity of having a home of their own, belonging to a community that includes people of all ages and abilities, feeling secure without loss of opportunity to grow; growing, changing and engaging in creative expression and civics, living in a community where one can age in place, giving to others and receiving from others, while reconnecting to nature and the living world.

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