While presenting The Village to Hope to others, we are sometimes asked why it is called “The Village of Hope”. In short, we feel that there is the ability to provide hope through a number of ways in our community. We feel that showing family members that loved ones who are living with dementia can be supported in a community environment where they can experience love and laughter provides hope. By showing others that those living with dementia do not need to be isolated from the community in order to maintain safety shows hope for innovation and change. Inviting people of all ages and abilities in our community creates hope for future generations to experience this change and to further our mission. We feel that by utilizing an abandoned school atop a former mine site as a the location for the community and community center shows hope for renewal and reuse of land and resources.

Also, hope is at the very heart of our project. Kathy, the current CEO of the Area Agency on Aging was working in a dementia unit of a nursing facility in the early 90’s when a visitor told her “if it were me or my family affected, I would simply want to know there is hope”.

We are filled with hope and excitement as we work to bring this community to life. We are hopeful that you can share in the excitement, and the hope that this project brings.

We plan to use this blog to post updates of the development process.

Here are some recent pictures from inside of the former school