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      Dr. Bill Thomas has been a student of aging around the world since the early 1990’s. He has visited countless senior living communities and spoken with and learned from experts around the world. In all of that time one single lesson has stood out. Aging is something close to a human universal and no matter what language is spoken or what financing mechanisms are employed what matters most is working to understand the older person. The best designs are those that adapt to meet the needs of the elders. The worst are those that force the elder to adapt to meet the needs of the design.

      The Village of Hope was designed by some of the world’s leading experts in creating warm, comfortable, communities because the people who live there deserve the best.

Structural Frame 

Upon delivery to site of the MINKA container, the chief frame components are assembled. Depending on the local soil conditions and budget, the MINKA system can be assembled on helical pile foundations, continuous foundations or slab on grade. After the base construction is established, then the multi-laminate portal frame super structure is assembled. To minimize the use of heavy equipment, the system is designed to assemble from within the building footprint. The structure is bolted to steel foundation and other wood components.

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Infill Panel Systems

The MINKA system is based on algorithm digitally crafted forms, precise CNC cut insulated box components. The boxes are designed to enclose and provide structure for the roof, walls and sometimes the floor system as well. The boxes are made to fit a regular structural module. Modularity is the backbone of ultimate flexibility and ease of assembly. With minimal skilled labor required, the structure is assembled in days, with snap into place accuracy, ready for application of conventional materials. 

Final Rough Module 

The house is under roof and now ready to be 'roughed-in' for heating, ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems. The MINKA utility wall features smart devices arranged in a smart manner for ease of installation. Convenient integrated access is afforded so that the dwelling can adapt to new technologies over time. Units are either ordered with a variety of different interior fit out, from complete interiors to shell only packages. Top level barrier free is available for all models, that allow for features to be easily added and/ or subtracted through time. 

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The house is now ready to be 'closed in' and made weather tight. While the portal frame and box systems are prefabricated from algorithms and robotics, the MINKA concept is made to accept most locally sourced conventional materials applications, and to gracefully adapt to regional styles, local covenants and restrictions. At MINKA - design matters and the architectural team can assist with recommendations for ultimate durability - both environmentally sound and stylistically integrated to the MINKA geometry and design philosophy.


MINKA homes have the design intelligence to be dis-assembled and then re-assembled to the same dwelling or to even be shared with other dwellings in the community. MINKA homes can be easily adjusted to meet the size needs of families. 

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